Event Recorder Configuration provides several parameters to configure RTX for . the application software can use all the instructions and has access to all. This manual describes the CMSIS-RTOS API Version 1 and the reference implementation CMSIS-RTOS RTX which is designed for Cortex-M processor- based. CMSIS-RTOS RTX is a royalty-free, deterministic real-time operating system implementing the CMSIS-RTOS API, a generic RTOS interface for Cortex-M.

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The RTX kernel can be used for creating applications that perform multiple functions or tasks simultaneously.

Defines the combined global dynamic memory size for the Global Memory Pool.

Defines stack size for threads with zero stack size specified. Refer to Object-specific Memory Pools. Mutex Configuration provides several parameters to configure the Mutex Management functions.

RL-ARM User’s Guide (MDK v4): Configuring RL-RTX

Defines maximum number of objects that can be active at the same time. Value range is [] bytes, in multiples of 8 bytes. Refer to Pack – Configuration Wizard Annotations for details. Message Queue Configuration provides several parameters to configure the Message Queue functions.


RL-ARM User’s Guide (MDK v4): RL-ARM User’s Guide

Applies to user threads with system provided memory for control blocks. Important information This site uses cookies to store information on your computer.

By continuing to use our site, you consent to our cookies. Important information This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Value range is []in multiples of 8. Modern microcontroller applications frequently have to serve several concurrent activities.

Default value is 16 entries. This needs to be set to a non-zero value if any Timer Callbacks need to call secure functions. See Object-specific Memory Pools. Designed for Embedded Systems – Uses the minimum amount of system memory. Easy to Use – Reduced learning curve, faster product development. Enabling this option increases significantly the execution time of thread creation.

Theory of Operation Describes the resources and their management, such as scheduling, task and stack management, interrupts, and timers. Defines stack size for Idle thread. Controls the processor mode.


Defines the combined data storage memory size. RTX5 may be configured to use round-robin multitasking thread switching. Threads are rfx really executed concurrently, but are scheduled where the available ,eil time is divided into time slices and RTX5 assigns a time slice to each thread. The scheduler is activated immediately after the IRQ handler has finished its execution to process the requests stored to the FIFO queue buffer.


Because the time slice is typically short only a few millisecondsit appears as though threads execute simultaneously.

CMSIS-RTOS user manual

Overview Provides an overview about the RL-RTX basic functions, inter-process communication and technical specifications. Value range is [] entries in multiples of 4. It is typically used during development but removed from the final application.

Ship your RTX based products without further fees or recurring costs. Defines priority for timer thread. Thread Configuration provides several parameters to configure the Thread Management functions.

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