Here is my review of the Block Periodization book for the Vladimir Issurin serves as a scientific and professional coordinator at. This second book on block periodization by Dr. Issurin further expands the understanding of not only block periodization, but also the general concept of training. The most important and fundamental principle of block periodization is the Issurin () points out that training cycles (he calls them training blocks or.

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This information together with the other information presented, reflect the long-term practical work that has been done with East European mostly Soviet and Western coaches and athletes. Don’t miss this great opportunity. He completed his undergraduate studies on Sport Sciences and Ph.

Block Periodization 2 by Dr. Issurin

Issurin further expands the understanding of not only block periodization, but also the general concept of training. Unlike traditional periodization, which usually tries to develop many abilities simultaneously, the block concept suggests consecutive training stimulation of carefully selected fitness components. However, further progress in sport science has reinforced the contradictions between traditional periodization and the successful experiences of prominent coaches and athletes.

J Sports Med Phys Fit Mental preparation Recovery Periods of recovery needed for adaptation. Sports Med There is also a discussion periodizatino sensitive periodsalong with talent identification.

Block Periodization 2 by Dr. Issurin – Dr. Yessis SportLab

Breakthrough in Sport Training. There is a discussion regarding contradictions of the effect of AT in physiological textbooks vs.


Aerobic endurance Basic coordination General strength Sport-specific abilities: Traditional training periodization, i. Blok characteristics of the three types of blocks-mesocycles modified from Issurin, Basic terms and principles of perikdization training Chapter 2: Sportlyzer Academy garners the best training planning and analysis practices for rowers and rowing coaches. There is large number of black-and-white figures, tables, example and case study boxes which are very well organized and easy to understand.

This principle is controversial to complex design where many abilities are developed simultaneously.

Furthermore, the descriptions of approaches to planning of the training phases and annual training is being discussed, taking into account phases of the acclimatization and re-acclimatization, along with three main goals of AT taken into account.

Specifically, the accumulation, transmutation and realization mesocycles are described with respect to the sequencing of various microcycles. There is an explanation of load variation in microcylces wave-shape design and discussion on the number of periodizxtion within microcycle.

Low volume, intensity high Testing battery Tests for basic abilities. New approach, or Block Periodization Concept BPC utilize concentrated workloads with sequential consecutive development of motor abilities with the aim of achieving multi-peaks during the peridization. The trials and successful experiences of prominent coaches and researchers led to alternative training concepts and, ultimately, to a reformed training approach that was called block periodization BP.

Block periodization versus traditional training theory: a review.

Some interesting concepts worth mentioning here are the effect of taper realization mesocycle on emotional tension and anxiety of the athletes, nutritional advices during the taper, the effect of competition and emotional strain in the training stage on training residuals of preceding cycles and the method of prolongation of training residuals by inclusion of special compact mini-blocks.

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Leave a Review Your email address will not be published. If you are currently not a member, then I would like to invite you to become one. Designing the training programs Chapter 5: General principles of BPC are discussed, and the new way of structuring the annual cycle with three types of mesocycle blocks accumulation, transmutation and realization is explained. Accumulation — athletes should accumulate basic motor and technical abilities for potential use Transmutation — athletes should transmute their potential to eventspecific preparedness Realization — athletes should realize theid preparadness in readiness for competition and reaching the planned result.

The common approach to long-term athletic preparation assumes there are four separate stages. The training cycles of highly concentrated specialized workloads were coined “training blocks” issuriin experts and practitioners; correspondingly, the iesurin versions were termed “block periodized BP preparation systems” by their presenters. He has written over scientific articles in national and international journals and over 50 international presentations.

Major contradictions between traditional theory and practice needs appeared as 1 an inability to provide multi peak performances during the season; 2 the drawbacks of long lasting mixed training programs; 3 negative interactions of non-compatible workloads that induced conflicting training responses; and 4 insufficient training stimuli to help highly qualified athletes to progress, as a result of mixed training.

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