i found out the differences between ATX12v and ATX12v , but i info on what is different in revision (i can only find the intel spec. Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its Key Changes for ATX12V Version as Compared with ATX Power. Intel Atx 12v Pc Power Supply,Sama Power Supply, Find Complete Details about Intel Atx 12v Pc Power Supply,Sama Power Supply,Sama Power.

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Computing portal Electronics portal. Designed for dual CPUs, and quad double slot video cards. The 20—pin Molex Mini-Fit Jr. Efficiency in power supplies means the extent to which power is not wasted in converting electricity from a household supply to regulated DC.

This pinout on the motherboard connector is as follows when viewing the motherboard from above:. In AprilGigabyte announced its It was the first major change in desktop computer enclosuremotherboard and power supply design in many years, improving standardization and interchangeability of parts. InFoxconn unveiled a Foxconn F1 motherboard prototype, which has the same width as a standard ATX motherboard, but an extended Introduced in April a month after 2.

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Original AT cases flat case style have an integrated power switch that protruded from the power supply and sits flush with a hole in the AT chassis.

This is a minor revision from June Originally AT style cases had only a keyboard connector and expansion slots for add-on card backplates. This revision became effective intl February Retrieved April 4, High-performance video card power demands dramatically increased during the s and some high-end graphics cards have power demands that exceed AGP or PCIe slot capabilities.


It was thought that in this configuration, cooling of the processor would be achievable without the need of an active heatsink. Originally, the motherboard was powered by one pin connector.

Since references to Mini ATX have been removed from ATX specifications since the adoption of microATX, the AOpen definition is the more contemporary term and the one listed above is apparently only of historical significance.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This the unofficial name given to the later revisions of the v2. Views Read Edit View history. Proprietary motherboard designs such as those by Compaq, Packard-Bell, Hewlett Packard and others existed, and were not interchangeable with multi-manufacturer boards and cases. Some of them are:. This voltage was required by the ISA bus, which is no longer present on almost all modern computers.

Efficient power supplies also save money by wasting less power; as a result they use less electricity to power the same computer, and they emit less waste heat which results significant energy savings on central air conditioning in the summer.

ATX12V 2.3 vs ATX12V 2.31

Various initiatives exist to improve the efficiency of computer power supplies. The wires are either soldered to the power button making it difficult to replace the power supply if it failed or blade receptacles were used. When the switch on the power supply is turned off, however, the computer cannot be turned on with the front power button.

Archived from the original on 24 October This is a minor revision from March Archived PDF from the original on April 1, Standard ATX provides seven slots atx112v 0.

A relatively minor revision from January It has a pin main connector same as ATX12V v2. Portable and notebook computers had custom motherboards unique to their particular products.


ATX12V vs ATX12V – – An Overclocking Community

ATX refers to the design, and goes up to version 2. This is a minor revision from August Here width refers to the distance along the external connector edge, while depth is from front to rear. The main issues to consider are the following:. The gains of using an efficient power supply are more substantial in computers that use a lot of power. Retrieved February 6, Atx122v power on the 3.

Retrieved 18 November Wikimedia Commons has media related to ATX.

It was used only on high-end Athlon MP motherboards. An ATX power supply is typically controlled by an electronic switch connected to the power button on the computer case and allows the computer to be turned off by the operating system. ATX uses one large, keyed connector which can not be connected incorrectly. Any other onboard interfaces such as serial and parallel ports had to be connected via flying leads to connectors which were mounted either on spaces provided by the case or brackets placed in unused expansion slot positions.

An ATX power supply provides a number of peripheral power connectors and in modern systems two connectors for the motherboard: The power was slightly increased on all rails. This standard introduced some changes, mostly minor.

Other minor changes were introduced.

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