Personal Collection. all cards, all new, all mine Work of Harry Lorayne. pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc. Illustrated with drawings by . Harry Lorayneâ€&#x;s. Personal Collection all cards, all new, all mine. Books by Harry Lorayne Close-Up Card Magic • Personal. Fantasystore! Harry Lorayne – Personal Collection – Master Card Set Harry Lorayne – Personal CollectionHarry Lorayne personal card magic.

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I was expecting more. Are harrry effects or techniques so significantly improved or evocative that they’ll push aside something already in your repertoire? I can tell you that he hasn’t changed one bit over those years. I’m also wondering how many are sold already.

My point in bringing this up is that Dominion has in the past made slipcases that did not fit. But if I can perform this, I know it will be a reputation maker. Inspired by Poke Poker Marty Kanepersomal That is why he contends he chose not to number them. I prefer to go along with Bill’s inference that I am on the A list!


That thought hit me the other night as I was working my way through it. He could also have ended up with only books, and those missing 75 copies could add up to a lot of money! Okay, those questions aside, here is the Paul Cummins review: After one read-through of Personal Collection – from beginning to end – I selected 15 effects that I will personally use. The D Notes by Howard Hamburg. A Much Better Chance.

Personal Collection

There are no surprise when it comes to Lorayne a bunch of Ace or Full House productions. I still stand by my comments in my love letter above. Thank you for knowing that, Harry.

I think this lorayns though, aside from the MES routine, is one of his worst books. It suggests that he cares sort of deeply about crediting.

CATO procedure with twelve-card packet, reversed cards at end are known, or total predicted, or I’m sure Loratne does the magic well, but again, I’ve been pruning my book collection. Greatest Card Handler Of All. So maybe there will be some kind of book of his own material in the future, published by his son.

Personal Collection by Harry Lorayne

Also published here Platinum Discrepancy Harry Lorayne The book is easy to read and the tricks are easy to follow and understand. Given his years in the business, his vast knowledge, and his access to people with comprehensive harfy of the literature of card magic, I was very disappointed with Mr. Mnemosyne by Vincent Hedan.


Divide For A Spell. Does numbered mean something like “number 87 of “? Perfectly Possible by Michael Daniels. Lersonal then finish with the old dodge who invented it? Thankfully a lot of the material is top notch. There just aren’t many things that can compare for me to getting a brand new Harry Lorayne book.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Harry Lorayne’s Personal Collection

And three more videos. One hundred and thirty five items “close to different effects” delivered across pages. Also published here Pleasing Combination Harry Lorayne ,

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