Visit to get updates or use the included Stardock Central program to receive Manual: Read the online version of the documentation. That’s enough to feed 10 million people, according to the manual. None of my other planets have lots of farms either, so where is this food. There’s a galciv2 subforum, plus the galatic civilizations 2 website .. If so, wouldn’t it be better to just set the slider low and manually set.

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I had a really bright idea. The manuao of bugs which can’t be fixed with XML manipulation. If you’ve manually created a shortcut to Galactic Civilizations II and the game always asks for activation, right-click on the shortcut and make sure the working directory is set or the Start In directory in Windows XP.

Gal Civ 2 Ultimate for beginners

On the other hand, its a small work for you to figure it out yourself. I want to try a few starts first before I come back with more questions but so far everything seems a little overwhelming and I fall behind the Ai pretty quickly, so any adivice would be appreciated. Reply June 9, 1: Ultimate is now available on GOG. Fire up your Steam client, and it should patch your install to the beta automatically. Can anyone else confirm? Overall quite informative regarding the options and abilities.

Please check that your question has not already been answered by another page before asking here! Are you referring to a folder created after you install the community update? Winning a mission doesn’t always mean killing every last potential enemy. Is it possible to influence a last planet a major empire has left, or a planet of a minor race? To discuss topics such as news, pricing, or community, use our forums.


They have been instrumental to the success of the community update, and I’m glad to have played a small part along the way. What version of the patch is going to be passed to Stardock for QA and formal release?

This was changed maual v1. This can buy you the respect needed to take your time as long as nobody sees through your house of cards.

It’s simple, and FREE! We have completed our annual customer report for last year. Is there any way to cancel or backtrack after you have moved or have made a mistake like purchase the wrong thing etc. The spending slider reflects your discretionary spending – the amount that is spent on research and social and military projects and not things like leases and colony maintenance that are automatically deducted.

Most of it is self-explanatory. So I would say dive in for the first game unless you want to try a higher difficulty to start.

Quoting Frogboy, reply Fantastic. When is the Community Mod being released formally by Stardock? So the tax slider itself has nothing to do with my military rating? Look out for Drengin invasions a whole age before anyone else can pull one off. Reply June 8, 6: With help of some awesome community members, the Dev Team has taken all of the suggestions and implemented them into this update.

Can you elaborate on that, please, so I can “port” the concept to Blender or Wings3D?


Manual?? :: Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition General Discussions

Check your mission objectives in the Civilisation window and if you don’t have to fight them, don’t! A good 4x game should make the mechanics intuitive and visible so that players can make intelligent decisions and pursue whatever strategy they formulate.

Keeper of the change logs, spreadsheet and file archive. Go to the game folder and make shortcut to galciv2, if you have that gold edition that is, edit shortcut. What can I do to improve it to “close” so I can ally with at least one of them?

We should be able to do this as when we click the ship it tells us how many spaces it can move per turn anyway and I am sick of guessing where that distance actually falls within the map and having to reload the game if I miscalculate.

Here are some sale highlights: When population passes a certain point it gets really hard to keep morale up on a planet. I seems fairly smart, so far, it was on normal difficulty, normal intelligence. Behind the scenes, the precursor civilization called the Dread Lords pulls the strings on both sides. It is strange that I can spy on big empires but not on tiny ones Shouty, 22nd Jan And as I said earlier, the food mechanic seems to be completely broken.

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