Montauk [Max Frisch, Goeffrey Skelton, Jonathan Dee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Max Frisch’s candid story of his affair with a young. Max Frisch’s Montauk, packed with these dissolving moments, is one of a small handful of works toward which I feel proprietary, if not downright. And others may find that they should write their memoirs, if they are born writers or not. In the autobiographical novel Montauk by Max Frisch the.

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He finds it better to take off his shoes and nontauk barefoot, shoes in hand. It is the story of an affair between a famous author abroad and a journalist originally assigned to interview him, a story about two people of vastly different backgrounds negotiating their life experiences for a brief period of time Nehmen Sie einen Cognac.

Montauk by Max Frisch

It can just as easily appear as swagger as it can an act of contrition, and this book has the flavor of both. Montauk was left with no other choice but to fill in the gaps as best it could, resulting in a somewhat uneven but always interesting community. It was as if she had moved to another country.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A mournful, meditative look back at Frisch’s life, this sort of auto-fiction uses a weekend trip to Montauk for a brief love affair to reflect on the passing of time. After Frisch researched in vain at a following U. It’s purposefully disorienting, shifting from first to third person, often in the same sentence, as he tries to write about the present and past simultaneously.

Mar 31, Ben G rated it really liked it. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Mar 31, Tigerraph rated it really liked it. Remarkably, also in our age of widespread and unrestrained traveling, I remain mesmerised by the exoticism of his locales whether it’s his beloved Ticino, Greece, Cuba or US.

Montauk by Max Frisch

After studying at the Realgymnasium in Zurich, he enrolled at the University of Zurich in and began studying German literature, but had to abandon due to financial problems after the death of his father in I did not feel in the least bit interested in the thoughts of a middle-aged author reminiscing about his life and loves whilst telling us about monhauk brief affair in the USA.


This is not a relationship, weekend-fling, brief affair with a younger woman book, although it seems like it should be based on the description and the cover. Montauk was worth reading even though I’m not interested in Frisch’s biography.

Rapid skips between the different phases of life are a bit arduous but worth it and part of the desired frishc. Similarly, when, from an airplane window, he watches the sunlight vanish from the summit of the Finsteraarhorn vrisch the Bernese Alpsit is as if we are witnessing this mundane and yet timeless spectacle ourselves.

How Does Sororicide Drisch I personally read it early because the publisher granted me an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. In that deeper sense, all of Frisch’ work is truthful. Isle of sweet brooks of drinking water—healthy air and soil! In Maythree days before his flight back to Europe and four days before turning sixty-three years old, Max Frisch as his literary self starts out on a weekend trip to Montauka village at the northernmost tip of Long Island, with his lover Lynn who is the age of his eldest daughter.

It first appeared in and takes an exceptional position in Frisch’s work.

Montauk by Max Frisch | Quarterly Conversation

And a few moments—a couple pages—later, he reveals himself still drafting, still self-critical:. Embedded in the novel, however, is a conflict between year-round residents and summer-only tourists. The morning sea beneath the deep clouds is the color of mother-of-pearl, the waves lifeless, the sun obscured.

It MONTAUK is an early version of the modern memoir, with a weekend affair serving as the frame for Max Frisch’s life of relationships, marriages and the perspective of death you have in your 60s.

Review by Jeff Waxman. Books by Max Frisch.

You can read my full review on www. When faced by the open descriptions of their past, former partners of Frisch felt duped. To ask other readers questions about Montaukplease sign up. Andy Warhol, like a neo- mini-Moses, bought property here with Paul Morrissey in the s. We rambled up the hills to friscg top of the highest, we ran races down, we scampered along the shore, jumping from rock to rock we declaimed all the violent appeals and defiances we could remember…we pranced forth again, like mad kine, we threw our hats in the air, aimed stones at the shrieking sea-gulls, mocked the wind, and imitated the cries of various animals in a style that beat nature all out!


Had not expected to like this as much as I did. This so annoyed the Spirit of Fire that he openly denounced the Manitou, after having coaxed the Spirit of Hell to heave him frish some of the stones from his furnace.

The blood on the walls I noticed that same evening, her sore fingers only the next morning. In addition, he wrote some highly intelligent political dramas, such as Andorra and The Fireraisers. While fictional stories previously served Frisch for exploring the possible behavior of his protagonists, in Montaukhe tells an authentic experience: Jeder Satz ein Geschenk.

There were some awkward moments during the first few years [of their marriage]. This is what Montauk is. Some of the major themes in his work are the search or loss of one’s identity; guilt and innocence the spiritual crisis of the modern world after Nietzsche proclaimed that “God is dead” ; technological omnipotence the human belief that everything was possible and technology allowed humans to control everything versus fate especially in Homo faber ; and also Switzerland’s idealized self-image as a tolerant democracy based on consensus — criticizing that as illusion and portraying people and especially the Swiss as being scared by their own liberty and being preoccupied mainly with controlling every part of their life.

Published January 1st by Suhrkamp Verlag first published Frsch 1st Or so it seems to me, but I am always ignorant of the true position. Dec 25, Christian Kessler rated it did not like it. She made sure that everyone she met knew she had started her Amity life on an entirely different plane. The language used to refer to Montauk invites this sort of emotional superimposition—how you have to reach The End to get to The Point.

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