Langue: Spanish. Type: Journal Article. In AGRIS since: All titles: ” Estudios sobre coturnicultura [Colombia]. ” ” [Studies on quail culture [Colombia]]. El Presidente de la Confederación de Coturnicultores de Colombia CONALCOT Dr. Enrique Galindo se encuentra en nuestra ciudad, para. La Coturnicultura Es El Arte de Criar y Fomentar La Producción de condiciones climatológicas apropiadas, como es el caso de Perú, Colombia, Venezuela.

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When quails reached 40 days they had their beaks trimmed before moving cotufnicultura to egg laying cages. July 18, ; accepted: Carrera 75 Of.

The stocking density per experimental unit was They were coturnicuptura to body fat and protein deposits of the quail slaughtered at the end of the growing phase. Mortality was daily recorded to determine bird viability in the growing and laying phases. The experimental unit consisted of 20 birds per cage, with 10 replicates. This ratio is higher than 0. Br Poult Sci ; Quail farming is very important for providing jobs and producing high quality protein at a low cost.

In conclusion, the 0.

Official methods of analysis, 17nd ed. Then, only natural light was provided until birds were 40 days old to avoid premature sexual maturity.

Services on Rn Article. University Books Publishers; Temperature and humidity inside the shed were controlled with maximum and minimum thermometers, wet and dry bulbs, and according with the quail behaviour.


The experimental units were 50 x 34 cm galvanized wire cages in a ladder arrangement, equipped with gutter feeders in the front section and corresponding nipple drinkers.

Body fat and protein deposits were calculated by slaughtering an additional group of 50 one-day-old quail. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

Similarly, Pinto et al. Feed conversion per dozen eggs was worst for quails fed the lowest ratios 0. Introduction Quail farming is very important for providing jobs and producing high quality protein at a low cost.

Huevos Codorcolombia SA by Jenniffer Tovar on Prezi

A linear increase occurred in the laying phase for feed intake and weight gain of the birds. National Academy Press; Thus, quails fed diets with the lowest ratios delayed to start the egg-laying phase, presenting a production equal to the others only from the third production week.

Birds were dry-plucked and feathers were weighed em feathering calculations.

Tabelas para codornas japonesas e europeias. Cothrnicultura the calculation of body fat and protein deposits, the value found in the sample was compared with the average weight of the live animal in each experimental unit, according to Pinto et al.

[Studies on quail culture [Colombia]]. [Spanish] [1975]

High protein ingredients e. Quails are characterized by early sexual maturity 40 daysdemanding feeding programs that maximize growth by combining body development with sexual maturity, thus allowing uniformity of breeding stock and productivity Pinto et al. The use of synthetic amino acids is an interesting alternative to minimize those problems Silva and Costa, Methionine supply during the growth phase can influence the weight at sexual maturity and egg size.


Ideal ratio of digestible methionine plus coturniculturw to digestible lysine for growing Japanese quails. Quails fed greater ratios presented better development and weight gain, resulting in greater carcass weight and carcass protein deposition, which was also followed by greater fat deposition. Heder J D’Avila Lima. A total of one-day-old female Japanese quails Coturnix japonica were used body weight 7.

This is possible due to the availability of industrial amino acids in the market. Consequenty, the ratio observed for feather percentage differs from the one determined by Pinto et al. One sixty-watt light bulb was placed in each cage to warm the birds until they reached 15 days of age.

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