Designated smoking areas? Hazard Identification. 9. JSA filled out before start of the work? Did the whole crew participate in filling out the. JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS (JSA) PROCEDURE NUMBER: HES 0 Prerequisites Purpose Instructions Document Stor. In , Chevron Upstream and Gas implemented a procedure called “ inadequate Job Safety Analysis (JSA)/hazard analysis” as one of the top five most.

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Apply appropriate local hazard assessment procedures, along with this guide, to comprehensively assess each job.

A potential significant hazard is any condition, action or object that has the potential for an unplanned release of, or unwanted contact with, an energy source that may result in a serious or fatal injury. Are you excessively fatigued or do you have many things distracting chevro from the task at hand?

Annually, Chevron conducts a Major Incident Jss MIS to examine major events over a 12 month period to enhance the corporation’s understanding about why such events occur. Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U. Field Guide Applications Before beginning your high-risk activity, review significant potential hazards and associated preventions. A Procedure Audit Checklist for the installation process.

Safety Awareness, Pipeline Operations & More —

Follow a hierarchy of controls approach to reduce the risk of a serious or fatal injury. Are you in an environment prone to unanticipated distractions?

Remove the energy source. Use during near-miss and incident investigations.

Proceedings of an international conference Oceanology: Serious injuries that resulted in, or could have resulted in, a fatality; Fires or explosions resulting in equipment damage or production loss; Petroleum spills greater than barrels bbl in volume; Chemical other than petroleum spills or releases greater than 16, kg in volume; Cost of Incident COI ; Catastrophic and major motor vehicle crashes MVCs resulting in serious injury or loss; Significant near misses.


The potential for a fatality under such circumstance chevronn high. Click here ; 2.

Click here ; and 5. Click here and here. Perform these steps in sequence if you feel your own work or the work of others is not safe: Annually, Chevron conducts a major incident study to identify incident root cause analysis trends across the ksa. In all cases, Organizations and individuals wishing to learn the status of RPL, should contact either APPEA or the independant reviewer for further confirmation of thier status.

This field guide supplements but does not replace existing permitting procedures and safe work practices. Energy Source Hierarchy of Controls Follow a hierarchy of controls approach to reduce the risk of a serious or fatal injury.

Mr Byers said the Montara and Macondo offshore oil spill disasters, and subsequent inquiry recommendations, had highlighted the need for the international offshore petroleum exploration and production industry to create a capability for fast and effective response to uncontrolled hydrocarbons releases. Protect from the release. Are labels, signs or displays inadequate? Click here ; and. To keep it brief, not every potential hazard or prevention is listed. Based on the energy source, the hierarchy of controls is: Hazard Identification Tool Definitions.

Does the task require high concentration or multitasking? About us Contact us Help Terms of use. Human Performance Human error has been shown to be a factor in nearly every serious incident chevgon fatality. Do you feel pressured to take shortcuts? Refer to the field guide in all phases of hazard assessment: To reduce the odds for human error, you must address any factors that may interfere with your readiness to perform well and to react effectively to unexpected events or changes.


Temperature The measurement of differences in the thermal energy of objects or the environment which the human body senses as either heat or chsvron.

Safety – Preventing Serious Injury and Fatalities – Chevrons Field Guide – Part 1

The eye-bolt was previously damaged and was not adequately inspected prior to the lift. Schematic diagrams for the energy control and lock-out, tag-out LOTO device. Chemical The energy present in chemicals that inherently or through reaction has the potential to create a physical or jaa hazard to people.

Loss of focus can lead to an error. There is always time to do it right.

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The confirmation of RPL status for our training course may be applicable to more than 10, employees and contractors who have completed our Stepback and JHA training. Cnevron fact, the more familiar we are with the task, the easier it is to lose focus. The study reviews incidents and near misses that occurred in Chevron’s global operations. Discuss the JSA with your co-workers to ensure it addresses the hazards associated with the work, that you understand what you will be doing and that you know how to do it safely.

The confirmation was chebron verbally in response to a question put to Alf Standan.

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