(Un)arranged Marriage has ratings and 97 reviews. Kirsty said: This is the first book I’ve read for pleasure since I completed my 3rd year at univers. The young-adult novel (Un)Arranged Marriage is the first novel by the British- Indian author Bali Rai (born in Leicester, England). Buy (Un)arranged Marriage UK ed. by Bali Rai (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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The author did an amazing job with the variation of characters and their behaviors. So he decides that Manny must marry a girl from India although Manjit does not know her.

(Un)Arranged Marriage | Books | The Guardian

My other issue was the ending. Un arranged Marriage, by Bali Rai. There is balance given to this by bwli members of Manny’s extended family who have much more liberal, tolerant views. None of the rest of the family notices that Manny escapes because Jag put weed in their food. Manny, wants no part of this and rebels.

It is also great that the author really describe the situation Manny is in and when I read the book I unarrajged understand how difficult the situation most be for Manny, and how hard it must be to get out of that kind of situation, because you do not want to break up the contact to your family no matter how horrible they are.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But in one way I think it was scary because I believe that every human has right to make decisions for their own. Unarranged marriage is about a boy named Manny who is deeply misunderstood by his parents and brothers. He really believes that the Jat Punjabi religion is the only right way to live. When his parents see his reaction his mother tries an emotional blackmail by crying and telling him that she will die if he does not get married.

As i said the book is also serious because Bal I think the book was really good. Met author yesterday, book is now twenty years old.


Sandhu, who talks to him and asks him about possible reasons.

He is 15 years old, He lived with violence his whole life and he does everything to avoid his home and his family. This is when Manny meets a nice girl, called Lisa, for the first time. Search the site Search term is required. It wasn’t booring like you didn’t want to go on and keep reading.

When you are reading the book you get a personal touch with Manny and everything feels so genuine and real. Paperbackpages. Uncle Jag lives in Australia and has got a girlfriend and a daughter. We tend to think of them as either something of the past, or something that only happens far away. Read for school over a few weeks.

(Un)arranged Marriage

Leicester, England Punjab India. His relationship to his parents is disturbed because Manjit does not want to live the life his parents planned for him.

He came to India to visit his family. I got a powerful reaction against Lisa’s break up with Manny because she maarriage the only thing that he cared about at that time and she just abandoned him. Bali hopes his novels capture the unique ethnic mix of the UK, of which he is proud to unarrangrd a part. His family were a mixed bag. And the books subject is really modern and if you read it you will learn a lot about religion and arranged marriage.

May 07, Lukrezia Cosimo rated it liked it Shelves: Bali Rai himself says: But Manny often thinks about his un- arranged marriage. The author explores racism, poverty, domestic violence, neglect and love through the use of bildungsroman which concludes with the unarraned choosing his own path in life. May 04, Kirsty Grant rated it really liked it.

His strict Punbjabi parents are disappointed in Manny’s poor behaviour nuarranged grades at school, so they decide to arrange a marriage between Manny and a girl from India, whom he does not know. Manny gets to know his cousin Inderjit better, who tells him that their family is rich for Indian standards but to Manny they are not as rich as they would if they lived in England.


I don’t think I’d read it again if I realized more of what it was like As a consequence Mareiage parents go to sort out the problem. But Manjit seems to be convinced that he has to respect his parents’ decision.

You currently have JavaScript disabled in your web browser, please enable JavaScript to view our website as intended. I also think it is good that the protagonist is a boy. His first book, un arranged marriage, created a huge amount of interest and won many awards, including the Angus Book Award and the Leicester Book of the Year.

Than, at the day of his wedding, he leaves the Punjabi temple, where the wedding should take place, and runs down the street where Ady picks him up with a car and he can escape. As a result, Manny gets frustrated because Ekbal, who has more liberal parents, doesn’t have to marry at the age of 17 like himself. The characters inhabit an unsentimental, realistic world, a world where kids often don’t try quite hard enough at school and families cannot bridge the huge generation gaps between them.

Finally though, it is a family trip to India which irrevocably sets Manny’s mind on the course he had always suspected that he would have to take. What is going on in the book is not something that the author has made up, what is going on in the book is something that is happening every day, all around the world.

(un)arranged marriage

I probably would have done it a lot faster. No trivia or quizzes yet. I am totally convinced about that the author could have done more. In my opinion the book is very good, the book describe that some children in the world are not allowed to make their own decision. If more context and explanation was added this would have been wonderful.

Un arranged Marriage by Bali Rai.

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