An introduction to armanen rune magic, free rune reading course. He is the author of Das Geheimnis der Runen (The Secret of the Runes), which “The row of 18 “Armanen runes”, also known as the “Armanen futharkh” came. Meanings of the Armanen runes – including name, image, sound, casting meaning and what the rune stands for.

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So these are two totally different runes, Ar and Tyr, and neither has anything to do with Yggdrasil beyond the obvious generality that ALL of Odin’s runes were found within the depths of Yggdrasil! It is runfs a system that was developed and presented specifically for esoteric and magickal purposes.

Sunday, November 9, Armaneb the Armanen Runes – why the diversity of positions? Some modern American kindreds have used the “Hammer Rite” since the s because that’s when Heathenry in the USA was just starting up, they didn’t have much accurate, translated literature to go ramanen, and a lot of them came out of wicca, so that quasi-Christian influence was there.

The more ignorant these backbiters are, it seems, the louder they bark. The runes – indeed all of Heathenry – are not contingent on a savior bailing an ungrateful mankind out from its own ignorance.

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His work is, for those with a basic grounding in ancient Indo-European cosmology and sufficient patience to actually study his writings, pretty self-explanatory. It certainly is obvious that List was onto something when he had his “revelations”, perhaps without ever fully realizing just how powerful his system can be.

Not in a linear fashion. We know that the ancient Norse religion was the last religious system that included some Runic practice in its belief structures. A Historical Encyclopedia of Prejudice and Persecution. And in the case of the “Elder” Futhark, there isn’t even Rune-poem to preserve any “attested” meanings for it. Archived copy as title Use dmy dates from April All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Commons category link is on Wikidata.

These names are modern reconstructions based on modern linguists’ theories about the extinct Proto-Germanic language, and while they may be close to the names used in ancient times, it’s unlikely that modern academic runologists can reconstruct, without any esoteric input, the exact meanings for them which were recognized in the time when they were carved into stone.


Runes are both powerful and mysterious. By the SS used twelve Listian runes, in addition to the swastika and the sonnenrad. I believe this because runic mysticism is a very personal matter and one that is central to our spirituality of Germanic Neopaganism using that term to differentiate ourselves from our ancestral equivalents and ones connection with whichever rune row one comes to use should truly come from within and be that which works for them.

There is no benefit in rushing and time and care should always be taken concerning the runes, to understand their exoteric and esoteric aspects.

Real Rune Magick: Casting the Armanen Runes – why the diversity of positions?

And even if they did, why would you need to cover up a Rune with a Christian image? For short-term you can go with water.

Like Ar this rune represents the power of the sun.

I took me 2 weeks to complete reading this article and somehow this mornings small reading left me with a armanej of resilience and luck. In addition, it is said by some to just be a personal vision or even an outright invention of List’s, and is thus seen by those as not really being worthy of true and unbiased study, interpretation, nor ritual practice and application.

The division of the Armanen runes in arkanen into three “half-dozens” representing Yggdrasil’s three roots of Arising, Being, and Passing Away towards new Arising are the greatest representation of the Germanic view of life’s cycles of growth and regeneration.

You are a godsend. List said it denoted anger, falsehood, error and the oppositions found in man as in human not gender. Without this deeply culturally entrenched understanding of Germanic folk-idioms and the “magickal language” of ancient kernel-words, interpreting the Runes in any system becomes cumbersome and futile. For the Nordic magician, as with all esoteric masters of the Indo-European megafolk, there was no end amanen true wisdom, only an ever-ascending spiral of illumination.

You can draw or visualize this symbol. Above all, Rune Masters will armandn practical, hands-on experience.

Armanen runes

Too much back-biting and middle class tittle tattle. The last rune in each “half dozen” is a major turning point in the life-cycle as it pertains to growth and transformation in each stage of each new incarnation of the body-soul complex.

I am going to give some streaming video online tuition to persons who have studied the course. I would also highly recommend ‘The Secret King: Equally, what I am not intending to do, however and I trust it does not come across as suchis trying to seem righteous and patronising above all else to others and their opinions runse the rows they use.


Ancient Norse runes similar to Armanen runes, carved on a wood plank. You could attempt to rework it to your whims, but then it would be your own invention, not Armanen, not historically based, and definitely not Spiesberger notation, and I won’t even begin to guess at ramanen sort of negative wyrd you may unlock, as heeding Egil’s words warns us.

In German-speaking countries, the Armanen Runes have been influential among rune-occultists. From what I have read so far and been a lone wolf type I align with the Armanist yet somehow always perceive a darkness in this path which if I am frank causes me to step forward rather slowly and cautiously as I am not certain of the alignment of the forces involved.

Guido von List actually gives a detailed “Aesir calendar” in his book “The Religion of the Aryo-Germanic Folk”, with each month represented armanfn a different God or Goddess in a different Great Hall of Yggdrasil, in a different event in the Lore. Our world is very different from that of our ancient ancestors. It is also a rune of success and victory.

To fully understand the scope of what nonsense some runees researchers conjured up, compare this venture with the general progress in technology throughout the ages. You are most welcome. Untilmembers of the Allgemeine SS were given training in runic symbolism on joining the organisation.

Brother Camp 2 July at List – though his approach was indeed grounded in the cultural and etymological connections of the runes to Germanic linguistics – moved beyond mere academia to pure esoteric wisdom – something that cannot be rune appreciated unless one reads armane understands The Secret of the Runes. The Runes allowed the creation of energy fields entities with a power and flexibility that simply cannot appear when we work with the same energies without the impact of a connection to the realms of creation.

Duality or possibly even Horse Casting meaning: Indeed, on the other runs of the coin, the names, meanings, interpretations and pronunciations of the runes today may very well be similar to those used by our ancestors all those years ago, but again it must be stressed that the simple fact is that we simply do not know. Hamingja September 14, at

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