E DREJTA PROCEDURALE CIVILE NDËRKOMBËTARE(Arbitrazhi ndërkombëtar) Emri,mbiemri dhe nr.i. 16 E drejta e Arbitrazhi dhe e Ndermjetesimit Nderkombetar Tregtar, Suela Mëneri, fq. 17 Hassneh Insurance Co and others v. Steuart. OBT, WIPO, Arbitrazhi Fjalorth OBT- Organizata Botërore e Tregtisë WIPO – Organizata Botërore e Pronësisë Intelektuale IP- Pronësia.

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Master of Sciences in Computer Engineering. EGIS Route have been awarded a design contract to study alternative options along the affected area of about 4km. Shkrimi dhe publikimi akademik 3 6.

Konferenca e 3-të e përvitshme e ICC mbi Arbitrazhin Ndërkombëtar në rajonin MENA*

Particular attention should be given to noting the condition of bridge approach embankments. In open land any surplus shall be heaped proud over the pit site. Bio No content specified. X Sign in to your ProZ. Or create a new account. To learn more about this topic, please do not hesitate to contact Aceris Law LLC’s arbitration lawyers. Arbitrzhi computer listing shall be in separate volumes.

The width of the survey shall not be smaller than m i. The penetration test should start at the surface just below the granular layers of the existing pavement. All existing or former quarries shall be visited, outcrops studied and samples taken. These will identify each stratum and include annotation of principal engineering properties for easy reference. However, given the uncertain nature of this project both in planning and feasibility, it was decided at the preliminary design stage not to include the impacts of the lake within the project road upgrade.


Master of Sciences in Information Technology. Cores photographs shall be provided for all core-drillings and included in the Factual Report. In cohesive soils at least one sample should be taken from for each soil layer or at least every 3 m in homogenous soil. It would also have had to take into account other issues such as land expropriation, utility diversions and separate environmental studies due to the future dam that were additional to the requirements of just this project 4 OBJECTIVE OF SERVICES The objective of the sub-consultancy services is to conduct a geological and geotechnical investigation along the study corridor affected by the realignment: A visual survey of the existing road that lies within or close to the proposed new road corridor shall be carried out noting the carriageway and shoulder nderlombetar, and the condition of the surfacing in terms of cracking, patching nderkombeta rutting depth or deformation.

Kosova anëtarësohet në Gjykatën e Përhershme të Arbitrazhit | TRT Shqip

Because this arbigrazhi is not a ProZ. So it is necessary to perform appropriate geotechnical investigations in order to define the conditions of foundation for such constructions as well as the stability of the retaining wall within the terrain. Post Your ideas for ProZ. Skender Allkja The facsimile numbers of the Parties respectively are as follows: The Sub-consultant shall also prepare all technical documents necessary for preparation of zrbitrazhi construction tender. The foundations of future bridges and large culverts should be inspected looking out for signs of structure or foundation failure and noting the type of foundation used.



Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering. Sociologji edukimi 6 3. The original design for the Damas Tepelene project had recognised the existence of a proposal to construct a dam on the Vosjes River. Master of Sciences in Electronic Engineering.

The level at which water seeps are observed shall be recorded. All units to be used shall be ones of the international system.

Immediately after their extraction from the borehole all samples of each core-drilling shall be carefully placed in suitable wooden boxes, with indication of the beginning and the end of each sample, the serial number of the box and the total number of boxes for each borehole core-drilling.

Where an SPT test is carried out using a split tube barrel a small disturbed sample shall be taken.

The samples from hard rock should have a dimension H height: View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. In addition to this document, the Sub-consultant shall provide for each investigation of each section of road: Politika fiskale dhe monetare.

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