Nowhere Man has ratings and reviews. Orsodimondo said: TU CHIAMALE, SE VUOI: SUGGESTIONIIl titolo del romanzo nasce da. A native of Sarajevo, where he spends his adolescence trying to become Bosnia’s answer to John Lennon, Jozef Pronek comes to the United States in. Nowhere Man: The Pronek Fantasies [Aleksandar Hemon] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aleksandar Hemon, author of T he Question of.

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I remember this trivial handful because I can recall looking at an old black lady: I put my hands in the jacket pockets: I had tried other bookstores, but they didn’t want me.

Wee rainbows locked in bubbles streamed into the inevitable, giddy whirl, as I fantasized about melting under the shower and disappearing into the drain. But the story of his life is not so simple as a series of global adventures. I sold, for the total of seventy-four dollars, a decaying futon with a rich cat-barf pattern; a hobbly table with four chairs, inexplicably scarred, as if they had walked through fields of barbed wire.

In this, the character weaves many alter-egos, based on fabrications. And all the while, the inspired freshness of the prose reminds the reader why Aleksandar Hemon earned such extraordinary recognition after just one book. The sign read in red letters: With all the literary verve of The Question of Brunobut with an engrossing narrative, engaging warmth, and refreshing humor, Nowhere Man brings to life a protagonist whose very way of looking at and living in the world provokes an exhilarating sense of seeing everything new again.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. View all 4 comments. This article about a historical novel of the s is a stub. This book brings to mind everything that’s bankrupt in contemporary lit. I let the woman pass, and then walked slowly, as if walking through deep water, because I didn’t want her to think that I was following her.


Pronek’s constantly reconfiguring life makes the novel a wild, twisty read, and Hemon’s inimitable voice and the wry urgency of his storytelling should cement his reputation as a talented young writer.

Nowhere Man

Mar 03, Brent Legault rated it really liked it. Sep 20, Men D. I looked up, and on a steel beam high up above perched a jury of pigeons, cooing peevishly.

A toilet bowl is “agape”, dissolving toilet paper in it “throbbing like a jellyfish”. Hemon is one of those wleksandar coming out of another language who finds a singular way of expressing himself in English.

To ask other readers questions about Nowhere Manplease sign up. Hemon emigrated from Bosnia to Chicago at age 28, and I have a feeling that he wrote the vignettes or short stories, or whatever in this book before he fully mastered the English language It is a triumph of innovative and meaningful story-telling and a masterpiece of word-craft. Built-in poignancy niwhere a presumably intriguing other-ness?

Nowhere Man by Alexandar Hemon – read excerpt

Please help xleksandar this article by adding citations to reliable sources. My job there had been to unpack boxes of books, shelve the books, and then smash the boxes and throw them away. The novel incorporated autobiographical elements and is composed as a series of vignettes telling the story of a character named Jozef Pronek, a Ukrainian born and raised in Bosnia.

Mar 06, ReaderUSA rated it it was ok. He sat with his hands coiled in his lap. The upper right-hand corner of the photo was missing, including half of the young man’s yarmulke. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Haunted by the present

In the opening section, “Passover”, a fellow Bosnian, who also arrived in Chicago on the eve of war, recognises Pronek in an English class two years later. The floor was sticky, so I had to unpeel my bare soles from the floor with every step–I thought of the movies in which people walk on the ceiling, upside down. I had to wait for the spin to throttle to a stop before I could put my laundry in the machine, so I followed the cat into the other room.


It’s not just that Hemon clearly has a larger vocabulary than my 30 years of speaking and listening to English has afforded, and it’s not just that his weirdly, fascinatingly disjointed narrative about a semi-autobiographical protagonist Jozef Prenek is gripping and moving.

Jan 07, Yelena Malcolm rated it it was ok. Aleksandar Hemon lovingly crafts Pronek into a character who is sure to become an enduring literary icon. Haunted by headlines of “Thousands killed in Srebrenica”, Pronek piles on weight and has visions of a massacre triggered by the sound of a staple gun next door. Excerpted by permission of Nan A.

A wizened old man, wearing a grimace of perplexed horror, and a sallow straw fedora, looked up at the peanut man. Not sure what that means.

In the house across the street, a bare-chested man, skinny like a camp inmate–his shoulder-bones protruding, his trunk striped with rib shadows–was coming in and kan of his house feverishly, only to disappear into it in the end. I embarrassingly have yet to read Nabokov, but I’ve now read Hemon, and I imagine the same thing blows me away about him that would blow me away about Nabokov:

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